Sunday, November 25, 2012

Palestine territories 1947-1967

[Map 1] In 1947, the UN proposed partitioning Palestine into two independent States (Resolution 181), with Jerusalem internationalized.

[Map 2] In the 1967 war, Israel occupied the remaining Palestinian land, that is the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which until then have been under Jordanian and Egyptian control.

So what did I learn? I learned that in 1947 we were told that we deserve more than half of our Palestine, and today we aim for less than 25% of it.

I fear that there is a trend of "land being lost with time", as if the map of Palestine is getting older and its paper is falling off. 

Maybe if no solution is reached in the coming few years, there will be no Palestinian land to ask for anymore… it will be erased from the maps of the world!

Written by AbulZolof
Published on May 8, 2002 


Map of West Bank and Gaza Strip, Including Israeli and Palestinian Controlled Areas
The Gaza Strip map Read about it
Maps of the Region...

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Israel's Violence on Palestenians

Right to Defend itself

Israel has always cried 'holocaust' tears to the world while singing the old tune of "Defending itself and its citizens". How do they do it? By banning or killing international journalists by bribing their supportive governments. Palestine is destroyed as a State so is Gaza. Meanwhile the "chronically suffering Israel" has developed to a point it does not need Uncle Sam anymore, see their infrastructure, see their military development up to nuclear programs... and they are the eternal "poor" in need. -- --