Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Those who criticise Israel should provide a solution

When hate and greed blinds the powerful, when others disagree with certain views and decisions then, the powerful tags float around their like-environment tags such; terrorism, no humans, "enemy of the state" as US call them and the world is to believe cheap propaganda. 

Palestine was a large piece of land, Israel did not own Palestine before 1948, the Arabs rejected the partition see Wikipedia it explains better.  Gradually near Israel elections the attacks in Palestine's grounds start and Palestine space gets reduced close to elections.  But Israel won't attack Iran only what is left of paradise, Gaza this time, in 2012, when next election will be January 2013.

The problem is not Gaza or how to claim that tiny piece of leftover land, the problem is how to get the world against Iran. 

Shimon Peres tell CNN
 Iran instigated Gaza violence: Peres

"The unpleasant one is the Iranians. They are trying again to encourage the Hamas to continue the shooting, the bombing, they trying to send them arms," Shimon Peres told CNN's Piers Morgan.

"They are out of their mind," he said.
Israels military is way too strong for Gazeans/Hamas but it is weak next to Iran's therefore, let's play killing some mice and tell the world "we do not want war, we are defending ourselves and having uncle Sam's supports helps to change the cruel reality to gain the world's support to continue with their legal crimes.
"And we are not going to make a war with Iran but we are trying to prevent the shipping of long range missiles which Iran is sending to Hamas. And they are urge to Hamas to fire," President Peres said.
"Iran is a problem, world problem. Not only from the point of view of building a nuclear danger, but also from the point of being a center of world terror. They finance, they train, they send arms, they urge, no responsibility, nor any moral consideration. It’s a world problem and you know it," he said.
The longer Israel remains in Gazean's and or Palestenian's grounds the longer for PEACE to arrive.  With the mentality to treat Palestenians like savages the world's perception of Israel keeps dropping rapidly.

Palestine has been Israel's target for decades, it is nearly over, then who will be the next target?  Unfortunately the world has seen the true side of Israel now, the mistake was to block the internet and the media as to obscure the true happenings in Gaza during this time.

The world has woken up to see who is behind terrorism.  The more people is being dominated, the bigger the fire building in them, that is called hate towards the dominating master,  eventually the victim takes power.

Israel should know this well, they have a sad history and a harsh survival, I was too young when it happened but now I am old enough to know that I can make my own decisions, not Uncle Sam nor Israel's sugared words will make me see what is not true to my witnessing.

Terrorism exists where abuse and crimes try to dominate others for greed and power.


Israel's Violence on Palestenians

Right to Defend itself

Israel has always cried 'holocaust' tears to the world while singing the old tune of "Defending itself and its citizens". How do they do it? By banning or killing international journalists by bribing their supportive governments. Palestine is destroyed as a State so is Gaza. Meanwhile the "chronically suffering Israel" has developed to a point it does not need Uncle Sam anymore, see their infrastructure, see their military development up to nuclear programs... and they are the eternal "poor" in need. -- --