Friday, December 14, 2012

Children of any race and or belief have the Divine RIGHT to live and enjoy peace

Give a CHILD of the WORLD that chance to enjoy life as well. STOP HATE, STOP KILLING (guns are the tools only)

The baby of the picture was killed about 4 we
eks ago and there are over 80+ killed during within a week. A gorgeous child that remains in my mind was cruelly burnt to death and nobody screamed their governments to stop the killing, most of them tottlers.

The same for this young boy, two days ago the 17yro was killed and nobody said anything, the killing continues.

But the killing has moved into sacred lands and the whole world is revolting about it...

Think about it, where does the idea start? The root has to be stopped from growing, if you care about the US kids then you must be ready to ask for all the children of the world as well.

US drones are loaded with bombs to kill children and some of them victims are US people. But politics have always an excuse because people of the world are not willing to scream loud.

It is time to pay more attention to "who" created hate and why:

View the babies faces at the full blog is full of their faces. This is one blog, I have more blogs, all are the same..

CHILDREN killed for what?
Now, father Obama's speech of how sad makes no sense as his drones are killing more innocent people around the world, hate is the worse weapon used against children...  SPEAK for them as well please, 

STOP THE WARS, stop the hate please.

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