Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Visit Hillary Clinton’s settlement

In her speech to the Saban Center last week, Hillary Clinton bragged about visiting an Israeli settlement, Gilo. Well you can see Gilo in the video below, at :22-1:20. It's the colony of white houses in the background, with red roofs.

The video was shot last month in the neighboring Palestinian village of Walaje, whose lands are occupied by Gilo and greater Jerusalem.

The man in the video is Abu Nidal, 65, a Palestinian farmer and landowner. Israel is building its wall across his lands, far away from the Green Line. And Abu Nidal must go through a special tunnel under the wall in order to visit the graves of his father, mother and grandmother.

You can see the foundation of the wall in the first minute. Then we go thru the tunnel, and Abu Nidal is overcome by the enormity of the situation at 3:00 or so, and at 4:00 he says:
"What do you think I feel? Do you think there is a greater kind of oppression? The feeling is that the whole world is hypocritical and justice is lost. As if we are in a jungle, and it's the survival of the fittest. The rabbit is eaten by the lion."
Here is what Hillary Clinton said about Gilo and the special relationship with Israel:
I’ve held hands with the victims of terrorism in their hospital rooms, visited a bombed-out pizzeria in Jerusalem, walked along the fence near Gilo. And I know with all my heart how important it is that our relationship go from strength to strength.

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Israel's Violence on Palestenians

Right to Defend itself

Israel has always cried 'holocaust' tears to the world while singing the old tune of "Defending itself and its citizens". How do they do it? By banning or killing international journalists by bribing their supportive governments. Palestine is destroyed as a State so is Gaza. Meanwhile the "chronically suffering Israel" has developed to a point it does not need Uncle Sam anymore, see their infrastructure, see their military development up to nuclear programs... and they are the eternal "poor" in need. -- --